Warid Free SMS Service With Gmail Accounts

Warid Free SMS Service With Gmail Accounts: Warid has been known as the most distinguished and known mobile network companies in Pakistan. Every single year this network company has arrived with spanking new and fresh mobile packages for the customers. This time they have arrived in the market with the Gmail service.

Gmail has been one of the most identified services by Google. Warid has now come up with the collaboration of Google by showcasing “Free SMS Service with Google Accounts”. All the users of Warid can send free of cost messages to all the Warid number through Google Gmail account or Google Chat. In return the user will also be able to receive back the answer of the message within its interface. We are sure that you will definitely be thinking this service as exciting and much fascinating therefore let us look over the detail overview concerning the Warid service supervision with Gmail Account.

Warid Free SMS Service With Gmail Accounts


  • Firstly the user of Gmail has to open its account and in the chat box option just type the phone number of the person to whom you want to send the message.
  • After adding the number in the chat box the window will open. This window will demands for the city code and phone number of the specified person and in this way next time you can instantly send the message just by typing the name.
  • Finally the chat box will be opened and simply by typing the message your SMS will reach the particular person.

Now the main question arises that how will the Warid patrons answer the Gmail SMS. Following are the main steps that have to follow for replying back the message answer:

  • Warid user will simply get the message on his or her mobile and in return the person must sent back the message just within 24 hours otherwise the message will get expired.
  • If in case the user do not want to receive the message from the specified person then he or she can eventually make the choice of BLOCK command and if the customer of Warid wants to unblock the person again then he can make the choice of UN-BLOCK command.
  • Within the mobile limitations the customer can sent the message on 2434000.


  • All the users who will send the Warid messages through the Gmail account then it will be free of cost.
  • All those customers of Warid who will reply back the message will cut the credit of Rs. 1 plus tax for every single SMS.
  • There are no availing charges on the Gmail services or either on the Warid customers as well whereas just the Warid customers have to pay the price of Rs.1 for each single SMS.

Well all the Gmail users and Warid customers just get ready because this exciting offer is all set to fasten the speed of your fingers. Just avail with this package now and we are sure that you will love to get connected with the Gmail again and again.

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