Wasim Akram Australian Girlfriend Shaniera Thompson Pictures

Finally and at last after the long wait the King of Swing Wasim Akram has knotted into the relationship of marriage one more time. Well this is probably going to be good news for his fans. In 2009 Wasim Akram wife got died in a natural death. He has two sons from the second wide. But now he has decided to move his life ahead with the Shaniera Thompson. She lives in Australia with her family and met Wasim Akram during his stay in Australia. According to the reports it has been reported that Wasim Akram got married with the Shaniera on Wednesday in the Islamic proceedings through the ceremony of Nikkah. This ceremony was just held in between the family mates and no such big media and guest were invited.

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This marriage news was revealed by the Wasim Akram himself as he stated that “I married Shaniera in Lahore last week in a simple ceremony and this is the start of a new life for me, my wife and for my kids”. Wasim Akram is 47 years old whereas Shaniera is 30 years old and is former public relations consultant by profession. Wasim Akram has told the media that she will be living in Lahore, Pakistan even after the marriage as well and has all converted into Islam. Wasim Akram has said that:”She has embraced Islam and is learning our language. She has been close to my sons and they form a very good bond”. Wasim Akram has stated that she has been always eager to stay in Pakistan because she loved our culture and traditions. In addition he said that: “I sincerely hope the people of Pakistan and our friends and supporters across the globe will give us their blessing and support”.

At the end we would like to share some of the pictures of Wasim Akram girlfriend Shaniera. Let’s have a quick look at this couple….

Wasim Akram Australian Girlfriend Shaniera Thompson Pictures

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