What To See In Japan

What To See In Japan: There are many people that visit the Japan but they never know that what to see in Japan. Japan is one of the most amazing cities of China and hence much desirable for the honeymoon and tours too. When we talk the name of Japan then normally there are many places that recall our mind.

The city of Japan has been known for its cultural and festivals and there are millions of people that wish to capture all such cultures once. In this article we are sharing with the readers as some of the best places in the Japan that has been one of the main attractions for the tourists. LET’S HAVE A LOOK!




On the very first ranking we have the bay of the Japan that is named as Hakkejima Sea Paradise. This sea has been set up in Yokohama and is one of the fun loving attractions because of the amusement parks and aquarium. There are different kinds of the marine animals that have been placed in the sea that are approximate 500 varieties. The ticket for entering into the Hakkejima Sea Paradise is US. $ 50.

2.      MOUNT FUJI:

On the next level we will talk about the Mount Fuji. This place has been termed out to be the best one of the hiking and mountaineering. There are many long heighted mountains that make the visitors curious to climb them all. Normally this place is crowded in the months of August and September when the weather of the Japan is little moderate ones.


Japan has been even known out for its traditions and culture as well. The most attractive festivals in Japan are Kodo Drum Festival. This festival is welcomed each year with great rejoicing and entertainment. It usually takes place in the month of August and is set for almost three days of time limit. If you are visiting Japan in August then this festival would be memorable one for you.

 4.      NARA:

Kyoto is named as one of the best places in the Japan that is also famous with the name of Nara too. It has been placed in the Old Japan. It has been enclosed with the appearance of shrines and temples and is based upon the image of old historical Japan.

Hence these were some of the best and yet the most eye catching places of Japan that have to watch out must once in the life. We are sure that this article would be informative for you for knowing about the Japan closely.

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