William Shakespeare English Poet Anniversary

Through creative and cultural learning capabilities Shakespeare Week is celebrated to inspire primary school children and their families. Shakespeare Week is consider as a national, annual celebration. In 2014 the first Shakespeare Week was celebrated. On 16 – 22 March Shakespeare Week 2015 will take place. William Shakespeare is a famous as the world’s most famous playwright.

Into over 80 languages his works have been translated. Shakespeare is a famous author in 65% of countries people and at least 64 million schoolchildren are used to study his books.

William Shakespeare

just because of the William Shakespeare people are proud to be British. Many British children choose Shakespeare as a mandatory subject studied for exams.

The main reason to celebrate Shakespeare Week to give the inspiration about Shakespeare’s stories, language and heritage. From 17 to 23 March 2014 the first Shakespeare Week was celebrated over 3,000 schools and organizations will be included in this celebration. In 2015 to capture more schools and pupils is the main aim.

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