Windows 8.1 Launched in Pakistan

Windows 8.1 has been all launched out in Pakistan for all the Window lovers. Microsoft Pakistan has confirmed the accessibility of Windows 8.1 within Pakistan. Since last one month Windows 8.1 has been spinning around the planet of Technology and are marked as one o the most famous and known windows 8 operating system in Pakistan. Windows 8.1 has been all tried to made perfect for the users with the addition of exceptional features.

Windows 8.1


1.      It has been all installed with the new Internet Explorer 11.

2.      It is quite fast, fluid and ideal in support of touch and in view with the functioning as well.

3.      It has been all set up with the finest 3-D printing.

4.      It is one of the best windows for multitasking and productivity.

5.      It has the SkyDrive system all the way through which it has the coverage to create, edit, save and share files on all types of devices.

While releasing with the Windows 8.1 Mr. Amir Rao, Country General Manager at the Microsoft Pakistan has stated that: “Windows 8.1 is the most complete out-of-the-box experience as it evolves the Windows vision for highly personalized computing while showcasing Microsoft’s continued commitment to rapid and responsive development. It marks a wave of new, innovative devices coming for consumers and businesses — from the convenience and mobility of tablets and 2-in-1s to the productive experience expected from laptops, all-in-ones and specialized industry devices”. Syed Nasir Hussain, Chief Operating Officer, Advance Business Systems has revealed out that: “Windows 8.1 is a refreshing addition to the Windows community with some remarkable features. It makes it easier than ever to work from anywhere and know that files are always accessible — across devices and locations”.

So download Windows 8.1 right now and make your computer and laptops finest ones!

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