Ali Zafar Gifts Dream House To His Wife

Famous singer turned actor Ali Zafar has presented his wife Ayesha Fazil with the amazing and impressive four bedroom villa in the city of Lahore. Well this is the best way that any husband can shower up his love and affection for his wife. Ali Zafar has been a very busy celebrity these days but he gives away the entire credit to his wife for being so supportive for him. As in this way he thanks her the right way in support of being a mommy.

Ali Zafar Wife
According to the reports the Pakistani singer-cum-actor in recent times gifted his wife a fulsome four bedroom villa in Lahore’s aristocratic area. The grand villa is hence built over 15,000 square feet and Ali provides it to her at the same time as a gift hence as she gave him one too in the appearance of his daughter.

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