Boxer Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom Wedding Pictures

Boxer Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom Wedding Pictures: In this article we will be highlighting something much thrilling and exciting about Boxer Amir Khan. Well this is not about his any championship as this news is all about his life championship. Yes you are absolutely right! Finally Boxer Amir Khan has knotted knot the forever relationship with Faryal Makhdoom.

They were engaged together for the last couple of years and their engagement news spread like a fire and now they have at last get into the marriage relationship. Amir Khan is definitely the heart beat of many female fans and his popularity has even touched the sky limits since the last few years. In such conditions we can say that Faryal Makhdoom has appeared to be the sign of luckiness for him. The marriage ceremony was undertaken in the New York City.

Amir Khan said that he was not much interested in the wedding planning because all the responsibility was complete on the shoulders of his family and Faryal family mates. He further said that the only hard work that he has done in the wedding planning is to try his wedding clothes. He further stated that when his wedding was closer he was having a very important boxing match but he is thankful to his family and Faryal that they supported his a lot till the end of the time.

In the main wedding day there will be approximate 4,000 guest. Last year in the month of July both the families of Faryal and Amir Khan shows their consent with this relationship and even the bride and groom liked each year so it was a love-arranged combination of marriage. In this article we will be sharing few Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom wedding pictures. We hope that you would have enjoyed reading this article about Amir Khan. We would wish both of them a very happy married life with great blessing in future ahead.

Boxer Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom Wedding Pictures

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