Geo Suspended Dr. Shaista Lodhi And Whole Team Of Program Utho Jago Pakistan

Geo network has announced whole team of this program has been suspended against Dr. Shaista Lodhi an inquiry has started. On that unintentional mistake she is feeling guilty with the viewers and Allah she apologized.

Aamir Liaquat Vice President of Geo TV network said in the related programs such sacred song should only be sung. Other TV Channels also said that highlight this matter in the newspaper and in the news.

Shaista Wahidi

On the accidental mistake Shaista Lodhi The anchor of program “Utho Jago Pakistan has apologized in the program. Aamir Liaquat said that Shaista Lodhi seek forgiveness from Allah for the guilty made in the program.

He said that matter as these things can happen with fault so we are supposed to highlight this matter.

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