Hollywood Movie Life of Pi 2012 Review – Cast – Wallpapers

Life of Pi has been the complete jam packed interesting and excitedly watched fantasy movie that has been inspired from the novel Yann Martel that was published in 2001. The novel was at first ignored by many publishing houses of London but at last it was granted with the approval from Knopf Canada Publishing House and hence this novel was given its real place in the form of the publish in September 2001.

Hollywood Movie Life of Pi 2012 Review – Cast – Wallpapers

In the same year as soon as this novel traveled in the public it gained huge positive appreciation and even won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction. It was even translated in the French version as well and soon it even was well liked in the French countries too. In 2003 this novel was honored with the South Africa Novel Award and in 2004 this novel was awarded with the Best Asian American Award for Literature.

Life of Pi Review:

This film has been about an adult teenage boy who was named as Pissing Patel. When he joined the swimming pool classes almost all the fellow mates make fun of his name and finally when he joined secondary school he changed his name as Pi. In the starting birth time phase he was brought up by Hindu but at the age of 14 he get introduced to Christianity and Islam. But with the time he started worshiping all three God of Hindu, Islam and Christianity. His father has owned a Zoo but soon they decided to sell all the animals and leave India and moved to Canada. During the travel Pi and his family met a thunder storm and they get departed from each other. When Pi opened his eyes he found himself at the seacoast all alone with Zebra and an elephant. For being hungry Pi eat all the animals without killing them and in this left all alone with no one around him.

Well this whole novel has been divided into three novels. One part was about his secondary school and second part was about his survival on the sea coast. What happened with Pi in third section? Did he stay alive? Did he ever meet with his parents again? How will he survive on the sea coast without any food? Well for knowing all such answers you have read the novel and we are sure that you will just fall in love with this novel and fantasy movie too.

Life of Pi Cast:

  • Suraj Sharma
  • Irfan Khan
  • Ayush Tandon
  • Tabu

Director: Ang Lee

Life of Pi Wallpapers: 

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