Pakistan Wins Bronze Medal In 34th Hockey Men Champion Trophy

Pakistan wins the bronze medal in 34th Hockey Men Champion Troph. This has been one of the greatest achievements that have been taken hold by the Pakistan team players. But here we would like to mention one thing that this medal has been just gained with the accomplishments of three players named as Muhammad Rizwan, Shafqat Rasool and Muhammad Atiq who secure a goal to take Pakistan on the level of third position in the tournament.

India took the lead by scoring the first goal in the first half of the match. As early as India score the goal, Muhammad Rizwan arrived frontward and carry out the goal in just one half. Pakistan was given five penalty corners in this whole match. Nevertheless there were many numerous chances when the teams can gain the goal and put highlight over their scores but they actually missed the chance. However, if we look upon the semifinal match of Netherland has mentioned then the Netherland took control over the fifth position in the 34th Hockey Men Champion Trophy by winning the match at Melbourne on Saturday. Now Netherland will be facing the world champion team Australia for the finals.

Pakistan Wins Bronze Medal In 34th Hockey Men Champion Trophy

One of the most interesting thing about the final match is that is in case Australia named the title with their name then this will the only team that has been enriching this title from the last five years and that too constantly. But captain of the Australian team has claim the fact that they are paying their whole attention on winning the title even if they lose it they just want that the public should appreciate them and their performance in the battlefield.

In India Vs Australia match, India was much disappointed with their efforts because they believe in this truth that Australia is surely an unbeatable team. Last time they won the Hockey match from Australia in 1982 and after 30 years they were just hopeful to repeat back the history itself.

India vs Pakistan Hockey Match Results

On the other side, Netherland will be facing the final after 2006 and hence they are much passionate and filled with enthusiasm to make their country to be proud of them. Pakistan has not won any Hockey Champion Trophy since 2004 while India has just attained the trophy in 1982. Well on this note we would like to give our deepest congratulations to our Pakistan team for winning this bronze medal and we hope that next time they will not just bring the medal but even trophy as well.

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