Pakistani Actresses Veena Malik Arrested In Hyderabad India

Pakistani Actresses Veena Malik Arrested In Hyderabad India, Well who doesn’t know about Veena Malik? She is known as one of the queen of controversies in India. Ever since the time she has settled in India her every single step has appeared in the form of controversy.  Whether it is about her participation in Big Boss season 5, her relationship with Ashmit Patel, her hidden relationship with her film director and even her photo shoots. A part from it when Veena Malik was staying within Pakistan she was not at all saving from the controversies any time.

But there is no doubt about it that she has definitely gained huge amount of success heights and popularity just within India. This time Veena Malik is not back with any photo shoot or relationship news as this time she has returned in the news for getting arrested in India.

In Hyderabad that is marked as one of the traditional and cultural cities of India has finally taken into custody of famous Bollywood actress in their jail. But however, there has been no such truth in this news. One of the fans of Veena Malik witnesses her in the jail and he supposedly blow up the news for Veena Malik Arrest.

When the media clarifies from Veena Malik the she affirmed the reporters that she was actually shooting for the film in Hyderabad jail. She was busy in capturing the scene of Telugu film “Nangna Satyam” that has been directed by Rama Rao. She also express in front of the media regarding her feelings and thoughts when she was imprisoned in the jail.

She revealed that this film and its role has been one of the toughest and yet the strongest roles that have been ever undertaken in her film career. This film has been all about all such actors and film icons that have faced the troublesome and conditions of jail and in their life and the way they passed through all such complexities and difficulties during the life of being as prison.

Well no matter that the fans of Veena Malik has arrived in the media with fake news but nevertheless in this way the fans of Veena Malik has draw closer with her new and fresh film that will soon be hitting the film cinemas. So all the fans of Veena Malik just take a deep relaxing breathe because Veena Malik is no longer arrested in any jail!

Pakistani Actresses Veena Malik Arrested In Hyderabad India

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