Pakistani-American Author Iram Gilani Releases her First Book “Silent No More”

Acclaimed mentor and public speaker, Iram Gilani has released her first book ‘Silent No More: An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All.’ The self-published book by the Pakistani American author explores the suffering and survival of trauma, how it affects us all, and how we can deal with it.

In the book, Iram Gilani touches upon the tumultuous landscape of trauma as a whole, and how social forces shape human behavior across time and culture. The book provides an insight into the influences inflicted by traumas, on yourself and others—the author does so by drawing upon her own experiences—making it a realistic and relatable read.

Talking about her book, the author Iram Gilani said, “I have written this book to empower others. There are many of us who take heavy steps—silently, and by ourselves bearing the burden of abuse and trauma— I hope that this book inspires others to unburden themselves from the weight of carrying it all alone. I want those, who are suffering, to know they are not alone—I understand their pain because I have stood in their shoes. To help them regain their strength and overcome their unfortunate circumstances, I have shared some very personal techniques they can implement in their lives to realize a positive change.”

The book is available with two free downloadable options in the form of an e-book and audiobook on the author’s website: The hardcover copy of the book will also become available in the near future and is also slated for release in other languages including Urdu.

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