PPP Election 2013 Manifesto

Pakistan People Party rule has all came into an end finally because after few days 2013 elections will be held in Pakistan that will decide new party that will rule over the Pakistan nation. PPP has been the only party in Pakistan that has completed its five years with huge up and downs in country. There have been main facts that make this party so successful inside many provinces in Pakistan whereas many regions have been huge upset with this party five year’s performance.


For the forthcoming elections all the parties have been striving hard to gain the attention and interest of the nation and for that reason they have been establishing their own manifesto. This year PPP elections 2013 manifesto has been all concerned with employment, education, energy, equality and environment. The strange aspect in this plan is that they have not been concerned in intending anything for the poverty and ordinary people of the nation who have always been the strong support for this party. This manifesto was announced in the face of a meeting that was holding all the main and prominent members of the party. It has been stated that the main objective of the party is democracy that has always been remained in the front row for the nation.

However, the party has revealed that they will not be unveiling nay additional details about the party aims and ambitions’ and will soon be declaring it in front of the media. In addition, they have also showed much negligence in enlightening their party slogan. Almost five years back PPP gained tremendous success in all the districts, regions and provinces of Pakistan because of Benazir Bhutto. But after her death there is quite tough competition because many eligible and significant parties have arrived in front of the nation who can contribute a lot in making the country stronger and united.

Well at the end of this discussion we can just signify that although PPP has proved to be the constant ruling party for five years in Pakistan but no one knows that what would happen in the next coming elections. It might happen that some other party would take hold over the crown of PPP. Let’s see which party would face the success just because of their manifesto and which party would stand behind the nation in helping hand even after winning the elections. Cast your vote for the right person……

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