Sonam Kapoor Starrer Film Neerja Banned In Pakistan

Sonam Kapoor a well name of Indian film industry. A new Film by Sonam Kapoor Neerja banned in Pakistan. Her film is based on the very real incidents of 1986 during the hijacking of the Pan Am Flight 73 at the Karachi airport. No official but they only said that movie has been banned in Pakistan because this movie showing the country in a poor light. This film has been banned in Pakistan without even being submitted to the censor boards.


Sonam Kapoor during her visit to Dubai for the film promotion, she has said that the film is about a very brave young soul who stood up for her beliefs and a brave girl who lost her life while saving life of others. Her bravery was recognized by three countries those countries are India, the United States and Pakistan. That was Neerja.”

The promos and advertisements of this movie in some newspapers had clearly shown that this Indian movie release across Pakistan on 19th February but it has emerged that initially the Ministry of Commerce had authorized the import of Neeraj film but later they changed its decision. It is said by the Commerce Ministry official that due to the objectionable nature of the content, the content which include or portrayed the Pakistan in poor light the certificate to import the film was revoked.

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