Suicide Problem In Pakistan

Have you ever think that why suicide problem in Pakistan is getting so common in people? If a person is not getting jobs for so many years then why he commits a suicide? If the poverty is spreading likes a black cloud on some house then why the bread earner of that house commits the suicide? Why the students favor committing the suicides after getting failed in some exam? Well these questions often strike in our mind when we hear such scenes and situations in a person life. Suicide is basically an unnatural death that is not taken by the God. Killing yourself with your own choice is called suicide.

In Islam the suicide has been prohibited by all means. The god is one that creates the human being and it is the God that takes away their humans life. It is just his decision not the human beings. According to the survey it has been found that as compare to the women there is huge ratio of men that commit the suicides. Majority of the men commit the suicides because they are unemployed or they get cheated by some girlfriend. But on the other side the women commit the suicides if in case they are unmarried. Results have received that the normal age for committing the suicide has been 30 years old.

Suicide Problem In Pakistan

Suicide Problem in Pakistan


·         Unemployment

·         Health Issues

·         Poverty

·         Homelessness

·         Family Disputes

·         Depression

·         Social Pressure

For the last few years it has been captured that majority of the suicides are committed because of the hanging or by taking the poisons of insect killers. With the passage of time this percentage has been growing even more and more. It is very sad to conclude that there are no such measures that have been taken for stopping the suicide. The government and mental health care centers have been complete failed in the attempts of making the people aware from this bad deed. Although it is not impossible at all as just a little consciousness is needed to bring the suicide attackers into the world of reality.

Hence this was all about the suicide problem in Pakistan that is swiftly taking place in Pakistan. We really need to take some immediate measures otherwise such time is not far away when every third person of Pakistan will going to commit the suicide for no reason.

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