PIA Announced Hajj & Flights Timing Schedule 2024

Hajj is the religious obligation which is obligatory on every muslim at least once in life time, who can afford its expenses. On 10th of zilhaj every year this obligation is offered in Mecca by the muslims from all around the world.

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Subhan Ramzan 2016 Express TV by Shariq Mehmood, Junaid Iqbal

Ramadan is a month to re-evaluate owns self in the light of Islamic guidance. It is considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. This Holy month teach us to serve the humanity, purify the soul, refocus attention on Allah and practice self-discipline and sacrifice. It is very blessed month and we should keep thank Allah for every blessing.

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Sadia Imam Host Raunaq-e-Ramzan 2016 Dawn News Transmission


There would be three phases of this Ramadan transmission on Dawn News and these phases will be hosted by different hosts. Ramzaan Lounge is the first program of this Ramadan transmission. This phase hosted by the most popular and well known model and actress Sadia Imam with the known Chef Madiha. Ramzan Lounge phase is broadcasted live from the 1:05 to 3:00 pm, during the Holy month of Ramzan.

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