Tourist Top Beach Attraction In Karachi

Tourist Top Beach Attraction In Karachi: Do you know that beaches are the tourist top beach attractions in Karachi? Well this would probably be the surprising news for the majority of the people who are living in Karachi but still they have not gain the chance of visiting the Karachi beaches. Here we would like to mention for the readers that although Karachi has been one of the most famous cities of Pakistan and one of its basic factors has the monument of the Quaid-e-Azam that is one of the major hallmarks of Karachi.


This city has been even marked as the city of lights, entertainment and even place of fun and excitement too. Karachi is the largest cities of Pakistan. Apart from it the weather of the Karachi is always cold and moderate as compare to other cities in Pakistan and this small feature even turns the attention of many tourists as well. The basic factor for such cold environment is the presences of the beaches that are keep on offering cool and breezy atmosphere to the city surroundings. These beaches are not just attention grabbing for the tourists but even offer the source of pleasure for the families and children too.

The best thing about the beaches has been the horse riding and picnics that are carried out by the families on the beaches. During the weekends the beach is so much crowded and filled with the people that it eventually appears as much pleasurable and interesting looking. The beach water has been normally shallow that becomes one of the main means for the visitors for the swimming and sunbathing too. Hence these beaches have been the main reasons that turn this city as the most beautiful ones in the Pakistan. In addition, another catchier thing of the Karachi is the setting of the hotels and streetlights around the beaches that make the beach more gorgeous looking during the night time. There are many people and visitors that favor a lot visiting the beaches at the night time and make them relaxed under the moon light. There are maximum three beaches in Karachi.

  1. Clifton Beach
  2. Chief Beach
  3. Silver Beach

All these three beaches have their own qualities and attractive features that turn them as prominently noticeable for the visitors and tourists. We hope that all those people who have somehow missed out visiting anyone of these three beaches they will definitely going to plan the picnic after reading this article.

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