Meera Captain Naveed MMS Scandal Video

Do you know about Meera Captain Naveed MMS scandal video? Well if not then we are sure that through this article you will going to get much news about this rumored gossip. Just newly, a video has been leaked out in which Captain Naveed and Meera are seen out doing Nikkah ceremony confidentially. This video has been taken in the month of October during the year 2013.

This video has been all leaked out on the social media like Facebook and other video sharing websites.  Meera got married to Captain Naveed on October 31, 2013 in New York.

When media asked Captain Naveed regarding such allegations he appeared with the statement that: “people try to black mail you and put allegations on you when you are a celebrity. Whenever Meera tried to pursue her project, people try to stop her.

When asked about his awareness with Meera engagement breaking news with Aqeel what was the response?” When media asked Naveed that who do you think will be involved behind this news then Captain Naveed replied out: when we got the numbers traced , the name of sim card holder, and verified the cnic it was “Sohail Rashid” (Ex PR manager of Meera).

Pakistani Actress Meera rejected with this allegation of Naveed and stated that:” no I don’t think so he is behind all this, I always supported me, he is a good man so I don’t want to lay the blame game”. Meera ex PR manger has stated in the media that: “there is a 50%-50% chances that this video is forged or real. We will pursue this case legally and make the American laboratory test this video.”

By the end of the conversation Meera stated that: “ if this has meant to happen it should have happened before, why now when I am trying so hard to support a charity cause, I will request all my viewers not to trust this news, it’s totally false”.

Meera Captain Naveed MMS Scandal Video

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