World Water Day 2024

Internationally, World Water Day will be commencing on 22nd March every year. The main purpose of this day is to make the people all aware from the prominence and significance of water and its valuable lace in this world. A person can live without food and clothing but a person can surely never think about surviving without air and water. This day even make the people attentive with respect to the salient features of the freshwater and even arranges the special arrangements for the accessibility of freshwater.


In 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development decided to plan upon a special day that should be wholeheartedly dedicated to the water. In this regard World Water Day was initiated that slowly and steadily became known and famously celebrated days in the entire global world.

Although, the bill for celebrating World Water Day was presented in 1992 by United Nations but the first World Water Day was commenced on 22nd March, every year’s.

World Water Day 2024

World Water Day 2023
World Water Day 2023


On this planet there are around 7 billion people that are feed with water and this amount will going to get increased by 2 billion by the time of 2050. Many people are not aware from the fact that most of the foods that we eat in our daily life also contain huge percentage of water as well.

For example, if we buy 1 kilo of beef everyday then we are actually consuming 15,000 liter of water and for 1 kilo of wheat we are in actual in-taking 1,500 liters of water. According to the survey it has been revealed that everyday a normal person drinks about 2-4 liters of water.


We are all aware from the undeniable truth that there are many such categories of people in this world that don’t even get to taste the water for several days. They are deprived from the freshwater and they are forced to drink the filthy and untidy water in their whole life.

Following are some of the main methods through which we can save the freshwater so that every single person can take advantage from it.

  • Starting with, the person should carry out the planning of such diet table that should not be consumed with enough water.
  • Just try to make the use of less water based products.
  • Additionally, never make the use of such food items that are covered with huge percentage of water. Here we would like to mention that there are countless food items that are filed with 30% of water and hence when such foods are not used then ultimately the water also gets wasted.
  • Make such food items that are free of the water percentages so that the food should also be produced with better quality and the water is also saved.

World Water day Quotes

Well this was all about the importance of World Water day and we are sure that this article would have helped you a lot in knowing the actual meaning of this day.

FAQs World Water Day

Sure, here are some frequently asked questions about World Water Day:

When is World Water Day celebrated?

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 every year.

What is the theme for World Water Day 2023?

The theme for World Water Day 2023 has not yet been announced as of February 2023.

Why is World Water Day important?

World Water Day is important because it raises awareness about the vital role that water plays in our lives and highlights the urgent need for sustainable management of water resources.

It also provides an opportunity to advocate for action to address water-related challenges, such as water scarcity, pollution, and climate change.

Who observes World Water Day?

World Water Day is observed by a wide range of organizations and individuals around the world, including the United Nations, governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, and communities.

How can I participate in World Water Day?

You can participate in World Water Day by learning more about water-related issues and taking action to conserve and protect water resources.

This could include reducing your own water use, advocating for sustainable water management policies, or supporting organizations that work on water-related issues.

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